Regie: Sergiu Zorger
Buch: Mihai Petean, Andrei Pop, Sergiu Zorger
Co-Produktion: Anchor Films (Ana Maria Pirvan) Produktion: Ana Maria Pirvan, Marion Eisenmann
Filmmusik: Joel Jaffe & Eric Eggert
Sounddesign: Flora Pop & Joel Jaffe
Kameraassistenz: Jule Cramer
Produktion: Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln und Sergiu Zorger

Our story begins when the story ends. By now everyone knows, down to the most remote corners, that the world will end in three months. Everything humanity has created so far seems to lose its meaning in the face of inevitable death. People have already struggled through despair, denial, panic, anger, fear, and grief. All that's left is our last humble day. Jack serves as a kind of tour guide who accompanies us through this day. He draws our attention to the inconspicuous sights and peculiarities of a world that is free from moral restrictions; a world where absurdity has become the new norm, where criminals deserve empathy and anarchists keep order. In order to prepare himself for the end, Jack breaks away from everything that binds him to things and himself. He says goodbye to his home, meets hopeless optimists, doormen to a drug haven and a mysterious woman. After he was almost shot - by a couple of marauding children - he reached a farewell party on a hill where the once poor and homeless celebrate their last moment together. In the end, the apocalypse comes, as expected. But that's fine. In the end, it was a good death.


Selected Works:

urbanrecall IIIInstallation & Performance

reiheM - KonzertProject type

OnironautaDocumentary / Film Music

TetrahedronProject type

distant relations | performanceInstallation & Performance

Dark MatterProject type

Clair de LuneProject type


IdentityProject type

Still BurningDocumentary

urbanrecall IIInstallation & Performance

urbanrecall IInstallation & Performance


#5630 PortraitsDocumentary / Film Music

Spre NoapteProject type

Together ApartProject type

Züge statt FlügeProject type


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