Collaborative Exhibition of Regine Schumann (lightsculptures) and Joel Jaffe (multichannel audio installation)

3 Groups of fluorescent Sculptures, 4-channel audio Installation
10. March 2023 -  21. May 2023 at Centro de Arte Pozu Santa Bárbara in Mieres, Spain

The compressor room of the Pozu Santa Bárbara once again becomes a space for artistic intervention and it does so by Regine Schumann, a German artist with extensive international experience who has taken her works full of fluorescent colors, brightness and contrasts all over the world, with black light as a complement and always playing with transparencies and reflections. With "Innerlight", Regine Schumann, who comes from a mining family arrives in Mieres, pays homage to her father, his profession and to that light that blinds when they go outside from the depths of the earth. A historical piece from his catalogue, combined with others created expressly for the intervention in the Pozu Santa Bárbara and which he baptizes with the name of Mieres, will allow us to enjoy a new experience of art in the mine, of colour, interior light and reflections. green, red and blue...

The 4-channel audio composition of Joel Jaffe was specifically composed for the Innerlight exhibition as a reflection of the 3 sculpture groups of Regine Schumann. With the duration of 3½ hours, the sound work forms a continuous dialog between moments of light and darkness as a reference to the balance between mental consciousness and inner silence. At first colorful sounds spark the attention, while when listening for a longer period the composition aims to give space to sink in ones own body & mind. As the Schumann´s sculptures fill the exhibition space with light and presence, the sound surrounds the observer in a playful yet tender way.


Selected Works:

InnerlightExhibition & Installation

OnironautaDocumentary / Film Music

urbanrecall IIIInstallation & Performance

CO:CREATION - WDRProject type

reiheM - KonzertProject type

TetrahedronProject type

urbanrecall IIInstallation & Performance

Dark MatterProject type



urbanrecall IInstallation & Performance

#5630 PortraitsDocumentary / Film Music

Still BurningDocumentary

distant relations | performanceInstallation & Performance

Züge statt FlügeProject type

Spre NoapteProject type


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