Sonic Scenography

Sonic Scenography is a studio for electronic music and audiovisual art. It was launched in 2019 by Joel Jaffe and Sidney Jaffe with the aim of creating a place for professional work, creative exchange and collaboration for media artists and musicians. The Sonic Scenography can be booked in consultation with Joel Jaffe. The booking of the studio is based on a social model, in which the booking price is individually based on financial capacities or the project budget. The studio is accessible to students in the fields of art and music at no extra charge. 


Joel Jaffe


Joel Jaffe is a qualified, interdisciplinary media artist, composer, sound engineer, sound designer and music producer with a current focus on audiovisual, space-related systems for performance and installations. His work deals with the interfaces between composition and improvisation, generative and documentary processes as well as the development of reactive, audiovisual synthesizers. From October 2014 to February 2020 he studied medial scenography, sound synthesis, experimental composition and improvisation at the KHM - Art Academy for Media Cologne with Heide Hageb├Âlling-Eisenbeis, Anthony Moore and Hans W. Koch. Since 2010 musical publications have been made with the formations xhale, Burnpilot, Arcane Allies, Ornamental & wyst. Joel Jaffe is co-founder of the urbanrecall collective. In 2019, Joel Jaffe opened the Sonic Scenography, a studio for audiovisual media art. Throughout his work in the world of sonic exploration and various collaborations he has established sonic scenography. An immersive sound-composition concept, exploring and emphasizing the spatial & scenographic properties of the medium of sound.


For all inquiries and commissions or if you simply have a question, don't hesitate to contact me!