Regie: Viktor Brim
Sounddesign: Joel Jaffe
Russia / 2020 / 0:02:18

A trail of regularly arranged mounds of earth. A truck is loaded in the twilight. A dense veil of mist hangs over the tops of the pine trees. Dark earth is excavated, shipped and transported away. In Dark Matter (2020) a visual friction surface is created by various situational elements, which are joined together to form a post-apocalyptic landscape. The images are determined by the process of raw material extraction. Without the mineral resources from the numerous diamond and gold mines in the so-called Russian federation subject Yakutia, the Soviet Union would not have existed until the 1990s. Technology and ideology go hand in hand here and leave their mark.


Selected Works:

urbanrecall IIIInstallation & Performance

CO:CREATION - WDRProject type

OnironautaDocumentary / Film Music

reiheM - KonzertProject type

TetrahedronProject type

Dark MatterProject type


distant relations | performanceInstallation & Performance

Still BurningDocumentary

urbanrecall IIInstallation & Performance

urbanrecall IInstallation & Performance


#5630 PortraitsDocumentary / Film Music

Spre NoapteProject type

Züge statt FlügeProject type


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