reiheM Concert
Joel Jaffe, Modularsynthesizer, Elektronik, Video
Total Duration 43 Min, 2x audio and 1x video Installation
Live-Stream Concert on 16th June 2021, Cologne -Germany

Live-Stream by 674FM

Located between the poles of electroacoustic composition, algorithmic-generative processes and free improvisation, Joel Jaffe works audiovisually with modular synthesizers and computer processing. Based on the respective sound material, Lissajous figures are generated, which are converted into digital three-dimensional oscillation patterns in real time. This creates an image of the musical performance in the form of a visual oscillation object, a digital sound sculpture that is also actively integrated into the audiovisual improvisation process.

Selected Works:

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OnironautaDocumentary / Film Music

urbanrecall IIIInstallation & Performance

CO:CREATION - WDRProject type

reiheM - KonzertProject type

TetrahedronProject type

urbanrecall IIInstallation & Performance

Dark MatterProject type



urbanrecall IInstallation & Performance

#5630 PortraitsDocumentary / Film Music

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distant relations | performanceInstallation & Performance

Züge statt FlügeProject type

Spre NoapteProject type


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